Mountain Lion

These hunts are unlike any other during our favorite time of the year. Mountain Lion hunts start in late November and go through March 31st. Weather conditions play a huge factor in these hunts; therefore we offer 10 limited Lion hunts each year with 200,000 private areas and BLM with near perfect success each year. Like many other outfitters, Double H Outfitters feel that the entire population of lions needs maintained so we harvest mature lions to keep the predator/livestock ratio in balance. We offer male only hunts on a price per request basis. We hunt with a large string of professionally trained well-bred hound dogs with bloodlines dating back to Van Johnson, Jeff Allen, and Dale Cameron, and the one and only David Hill. This is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Lion hunts are 6 day hunts fully furnished with lodging and meals.

Call or email for additional detail about available dates and cost.